Monday, September 12, 2011


Contribution by Kennith Griffin

What comes to mind when you think of Maine? When I learned that we would relocate to Maine for my husband’s job, all I knew about Maine was that it was a state that was almost in Canada and the home of L.L. Bean. I imagined it to be rustic and woodsy. I thought the people from Maine spent most of their time canoeing for fun. We have been here for six years. When I first got here, I realized that my perception was wrong. They had electricity, direct tv biddeford me, and running water. The residents didn’t spend most of their time canning or canoeing. The state does have its woodsy and rustic areas, but the landscape is absolutely beautiful. There are beautiful rolling hills, the sea, and hardwood forests. Apart from the natural beauty of the state, many cities offer the modern amenities, I was worried I would be leaving when we moved. One thing that I particularly love about Maine is the people. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I think the people of main may be more hospitable than the people of the Southeast!

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