Friday, August 27, 2010

Snapped The True Crime Show About Women


Posted by Hyman Weeks

I do not have a lot of time to watch television, but when I do; my favorite shows to watch are real shows. My favorite show is Snapped. Snapped is a show on Oxygen, channel 128, right after the international channels on direct tv. Sharon Martin, a veteran news reporter, hosts it. It is a very interesting show about females and their counterparts who kill their husbands.They even kill other females who get in their way. My husband has never done anything that has made me want to kill him. Sometimes these women just want the insurance money if their husbands have a big enough policy. Other times it is pure greed. One woman, was not getting along with her husband, killed him, and said he just got sick. She was slowly using arsenic to poison him. He would go in the hospital, get better, go home and get sick again. He eventually died and she acted the typical grieving widow, until he was buried. Then she started spending the insurance money. She bought a new house and new car even went on vacation. Investigators took notice, and his autopsy was inconclusive. Well they exhumed the body, did test on the remains and found the arsenic. The detectives started to dig deeper into the couple's private life, found out the wife was having an affair. Well that is where the greed got her. They did convict her and she is doing time. If you have never watched the show, you should it is great.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reading room


Guest post written by Stuart Wilson

After my son got married this summer, I finally decided that it was time to have him put his things from his childhood bedroom into storage and repurpose the room for my own benefits. I thought about making it an exercise, but I decided that moving up my exercise equipment from the basement just wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

So I settled on a reading room. I have bookshelves scattered throughout the house and didn’t really want to move all of them to one room, so I found some bookshelf wallpaper to give it that library feel without changing around the décor of the rest of my home.

I wanted the room to be really cozy so I picked out the perfect wallpaper, a comfy reading chair and had some EnergyStar Windows Sears installed. I think that it’s going to be perfect. I have the wallpaper on order and am picking out a few other pieces for it. However, I am putting some actual books in there. I found a great antique book case at a yard sale.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stressful week

It's been a week that am sooo stressed because of my blog. My lyresh fashion blog has been having a trouble lately and of course all because of me, stupid me.. All my contents were gone,the comments, and the theme :( ,but thank God I still have my theme file, so no worries about that. But all my old posts are gone, SIGH I don't freaking know what to do anymore. I've been trying to import them but it still doesn't work. Anyway I found my savior ate dauphine. I was soo delighted when she said, Sure i can host your blog(what a relief), She is the new host of my two blogs now, lyresh chiq && lyresh fashion. I am soo blessed I have a friend like her. She and her husband helped me a lot with my blogs. Thanks ate dauphine, you are the coolest ate I ever had here online.

Am trying to recover with my blogs now. It really did heat me when i lost everything there. But ohh well, nothing i can do now i guess unless ate dauphine's husband will help me. Anywayz, am so excited for my 2nd theme that i've purchased.
Hoping it'll be done pretty soon. I sure will let you guys see it uhuh..

Thanks to my Lil sister JL,for helping me fix the problems with my blog. Lurve you2x bunches. Keep up the good work lil JL. Ate's soo proud of yah.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

eye lashes tips


The eyelashes are not just strands of hair that rim our eyelids. They are gifts that Mother Nature gave us to protect and shield our eyes from dust and other foreign bodies. And because we communicate a lot with our eyes, our eyelashes help us put color and meaning to our words with the way we flutter and bat our eyelashes.

It would be infinitely nicer and infinitely more effective, though, if the lashes that we bat and flutter look long, thick and immaculate. We do not have to be born with long and thick eyelashes to be able to have seductive-looking eyes, though. After all, what is makeup for? All it takes is the touch of the magical mascara wand.

Mascara does magic for our lashes as long as it is correctly applied, in such a way that there are no globs of the stuff clinging to our lashes and that each strand is separated from the other. Nothing ruins the effect of mascara than globs and lash strands clumped together.

To avoid dried globs and clumping strands, apply the mascara to the base of the lashes with the mascara wand and then give the wand a wiggle. Afterwards, carefully brush the mascara to the ends of the lashes with the use of a lash comb. Or if you do not want to use a lash comb, just wipe the excess mascara from your wand with a piece of tissue before touching it to your lashes.

Another thing that makes mascara look ugly is if it smudges. Sometimes, the smudge happens because the eye cream or the concealer used is oil-based and still wet. You can prevent the smudging by applying powder first onto your lower eyelids before putting on the mascara. Also, try not to blink while putting the mascara on, or else it will definitely stick to your eyelids rather than to your lashes.

Sometimes, a second coat of mascara makes the lashes look thicker. But if you are thinking of applying a second coat, better do it before the first coat dries, or else you will only end up clumping the lashes. Also, do use your lash curlers before putting on your mascara, not after. Lash curlers work more effectively if preheated prior to the curling. Be careful not to heat your curlers too much, though, or else you will singe your eyes.

When applying mascara, we tend to miss the lashes at the corners of our eyes. To make sure that you have your lashes fully covered, it is best that you use a mascara wand that is short and thin. Short and wands let you reach those corner lashes; it also gives you extra control in handling it.

The best mascara results come from using clean wands, so keep your wands clean at all times. Put some makeup remover on your mascara wand to wash off the dried mascara, and then clean it with soap and water. Let the wand dry first before replacing it with your other makeup tools. A clean and dry wand not only maximizes the application and appearance of mascara on the eyes, but also prevents the eyes from getting irritated.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Move to a New City


Moving to a new city was a fun experience overall, but it certainly took work. I managed somehow to do all the packing myself, while my husband worked out his two week notice at his job. With the help of some friends, we got everything loaded into two cars, and down the road we went to the warmer, sunnier climate of Myrtle Beach, Sc.

Somehow we got there a day ahead of our furniture, and ended up sleeping on the floor, however, we had signed up for all of our utilities, and our ADT home security service ahead of time to learn more about how we did it click HERE, so at least those things were in place when we arrived. The next day we went exploring, after a fashion. We located things like the grocery store, and the nearest pharmacy and post office.

Waking up each day was a little disorienting, since we had lived in our last home for twelve years, but I was surprised at how fast we adjusted to our new surroundings. My husband was comfortable driving in our new city almost immediately. It took me a little bit longer, but now l end up giving directions to vacationers as if l had lived here my entire life. I take that as a really good sign, considering the fact that I’m usually terrible at giving directions. Overall, I’d have to say that moving to our new city was definitely an interesting experience.

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