Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zappos Born shoes


Who needs shoes? Everyone of course. These days shoes have become part of our life in everything we do. You can't live without them. So, what kind of shoes do you need? Well, it depends on what are you going to use the shoes for. Do you need shoes for work or play? One thing you should always remember as you buy shoes is comfort. Talk about comfort,Born shoes at Zappos not only offers customers everywhere a brand that first and foremost provides comfort, but is also fashionable and fun to wear as well.

Their natural shape is a Born shoes key design focus. Born shoes have a generous toe box, which allow the toes to lay flat and wiggle. This breathing room also permits air to circulate inside the shoe to help keep the foot more comfortable. Lightweight and flexible soles are used in every Born shoes design to ensure each work is as comfortable as it is contemporary.

If you want to try one of Born shoes selection, maybe you can try the Born Susy. Many people have recommended the shoes. What’s so special about this Born Shoes? Born Susy shoes are so comfortable to use. It is cushioned but supportive and looks very cute with or without thin socks. The elastic on the heel is just enough to keep it in place without digging in to the skin. You could match Born Susy with both brown and black pants. Of course, you can always match them with any jeans you have. These shoes would look great with casual skirts too and would be perfect for traveling and sightseeing. Go check them out at!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Revlon photoready review


So today i wanted to tell you guys about the foundation that i have been using for about the past 2 weeks and it is the Revlon PhotoReady foundation. What i love about this foundation is, it doesn’t smell bad,its very easy to blend, it is not as thick as a Revlon Colorstay, and the best part is the pump. So much more sanitary. Revlon photoready foundation has medium to full coverage. It is definitely build able coverage without looking cakey. It is very light weight when you put it on. But I’m sad to say that, it makes me break out uncontrollably.I really, really want to stay with this product. And I have, despite the problems, but my face just continued to get worse. In the end, I told myself to break up with PhotoReady and move on. So I did. The shimmers on my face aren’t something I really mind (in fact, something I like about the way it transfers onto my skin) but I do think it was this shimmers that clogged my pores. Totally not the one for me!.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Trip to Washington Park Zoo


Author: Dorsey Velasquez

After watching the current News report I was very careful to set my home security alarm from before leaving home to take the GrandKids to Portland's Washington Park Zoo. It was so much fun watching the little guys excitement as they went to each exhibit. Of course each one was the “Best” one, even though all the one's before were said to be “Best” also.

I had not told them our objective was to view the new baby elephant which had not been out to be viewed until this week. When we walked into the elephant house and they discovered the baby, there was so much excitement I had to remind them to quiet down before they upset Mama elephant. After watching Baby nurse under Mama's front legs, when they had expected it to be under the back legs, they decided they really were in the “know”, and could not wait to get home to tell everyone how much knowledge they now possessed.

After the baby elephant everything else paled in importance, even though there were other babies and they loved feeding the birds from their hands in the Avery. Holding the nectar cups while the nectar feeders ate from them was exciting too, but nothing was as good as seeing a baby elephant nurse.

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Annoyed Enough


I have to say something, and I hope you hear me out. People who are seeking attention are really getting on my nerves! And why is that? I DON’T KNOW. There’s a woman on Facebook who keeps posting on her wall about nonsense for others or for me especially. It’s just so annoying with all her boastfulness. I have no problem seeing others post messages, but a TON from the same person and all she talks about is herself and how great she is. Now tell me what person wouldn’t get annoyed with that? If you’re trying to get some attention please don’t do it that way! I’m sure it’s not just me that’s annoyed with her. I won’t write the name of this person because I don’t want her to get embarrassed. But, I hope this person will read this and realize that it’s her I speak about.

I tried to ignore this individual and pretend that she didn’t exist, but I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I have better things to do than to be annoyed by one individual. Get a life woman and keep your boastfulness to yourself.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New lake house


Guest post written by Arlene Henderson

Even though it's too late to enjoy it this year, we just signed the papers to buy a lake house of our own. I grew up on a lake so it's been a dream of mine for a long time to have a lake home to go to on vacation and on the weekends.

But before we get it ready for next summer we have a whole lot of renovating that we need to do. It isn't in great shop and was a rental property for the past decade or so, so it hasnt' really been taken care of. But it's at a great spot so we just had to take it.

Before we did anything else, we wanted to make sure and fix the outside of it before the weather got too cold. We can always come when the weather's cold to work on stuff in teh rooms inside.

We had some sears home vinyl siding installed a few weeks ago and the house already looks so much better. It was kind of an eyesore before and I definitely don't think that's the case now.

In the spring we're planning on building a dock for our boat and fishing.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Game With the Guys

Written by my friend Judson Kelly

College football is one of the best spectator sports around. With athletes working towards being the best, there's always excitement on and off the field. The amazing thing about college football is that the athletes are really allowed to shine. While some players are out to become pros, there are some who just want to lay a good hit. A good hit is the reason why me and my friends go.

I was a football player in high school, so me and my old team mates often like to watch the game. When I attended A&M College Station they used to visit on occasion, and we'd go watch a game together. It didn't matter who won or lost honestly (I wasn't the biggest when it came to team spirit) we just loved the game. We love watching a good game unfold, with all the crazy events that can happen; from big hits, to turnovers, to crazy plays.

We loved the atmosphere, the screaming fans, and all the excitement that went along with the game, and for waiting for cheap hot dogs to be announced over the loudspeakers.

Now that I'm going to a school without a football team, we aren't able to make as many games, so now we meet up at my house to watch our favorite teams play on directv from, and yell at the screen.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bernie Mac Show


I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

The Bernie Mac Show is one of my favorite teen shows. I watch it almost every afternoon on my satellite television once I got it through Bernie and Wanda are the main characters. They adopted Bernie's two nieces and nephew. They are trying to raise the kids right. They adopted them because their real mother had a drug problem and could not take care of the kids. Bernie is always talking about how he should punish the kids. He talks to America all the time. He talks to the camera and asks what he should do with them. They have different problems and the kids are always getting in trouble and breaking stuff. They try to sneak around and lie about stuff. Bernie always catches them. On one episode Bernie was cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, and one of the kids came by the oven and turned the temperature down. Bernie did not know it and ate a lot of turkey. the turkey was not cooked all the way and he was really sick. He was miserable. he finally found out what happened because he looked at the security camera. These shows are always hilarious. If you have never watched this show you should give it a chance. It will keep you laughing.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoying Some Time at the Movies


Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Since we have young children it seems that we are seeing more and more Disney features. Sometimes these can be most enjoyable. Other times I wish I could escape to the movie next door that is offering all kinds of excitement and suspense. Still, the time spent with my spouse and children, at any movie, is most rewarding.

There are times my spouse and I spend a free afternoon at the movies. We alternate the genre. One time we will see the action movie; the next we will see one of those tear jerkers. This works out well. The weekends we save for taking the youngsters. However, with the cost of movies my wife and I generally go together twice a month and we try to take the children to their favorite movie a couple of times a month.

When we return home from seeing one of my favorites my wife and I are always happy that we set our home security alarm before leaving, which we got from a Adt dealers in milwaukee WI. Seeing some of the sophisticated ways the movie shows the stars doing their thing breaking into homes makes us realize how important home safety is.

One of the rewards of seeing one of the animated movies with the children is what happens after the show. We always get to go and enjoy the specialty chosen by the majority of family members. Either way it is a win-win situation for me: pizza or ice cream!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

stress relief


Constant stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, our minds and our souls. Some medical problems are triggered by continual stress, and emotional trauma, instability and mild forms of depression are also likely to result. By taking a few moments to de-stress when you feel the levels and intensity rising, you can save yourself from undue anxiety and potential health problems. Below are 20 stress relief options to help you eliminate the physical and mental feelings caused by stress.

Take a Hot Bubble Bath - The soothing suds and warm water can wash your cares away while relaxing your tired, aching muscles. If you want to enhance the healing effects, turn on some soft music, dive into a good book, or just daydream the night away.

Pamper yourself with a Pedicure and a Facial - The softness and smoothness returned to your weary feet may be enough to relax you and help you reduce your stress level, but don�t stop there! Use a gentle cleanser and apply a mud-mask and sit back for 10-15 minutes while it works its wonders. If you�re feeling especially energetic, cut two cucumber slices to place over your eyes. Think happy thoughts and drift away from the things that trouble you.

Throw on your Comfiest Pajamas and Grab a Good Book! - Snuggling up under the covers in your cozy bed with soft, comfortable clothing can be enough to relax you almost immediately. Find your favorite magazine, pull out a book you have been meaning to read or just put on one of those cooling eye-masks to alleviate them from the cares of the day.

Take a 20-minute �Power-Nap� if you�ve got more things on your To-Do List - Right when you get home from work, shed your business attire and hop into your bed-set your alarm for 20 minutes if you have other things on the evening�s agenda, or allow yourself to awake naturally if you have a free schedule. Your energy should return to you in no time!

Exercise - Go for a jog, do some abdominal workouts, aerobics or lift some weights. Exercising renews the body and gives the mind an easy escape from daily troubles.

Fix yourself a Cocktail! - Don�t jump overboard with the bottle, but something as small and innocent as a strawberry daiquiri or a fuzzy navel could turn your mood around in a flash. If you aren�t old enough to drink yet, make a milkshake in the blender or find a great fresh fruit smoothie recipe online. Munch on some snacks or enjoy the view from your favorite window. Forget your cares and just revel in the moment while you slowly sip your favorite beverage.

Have some Delectable Desserts in the house and Indulge! - Cakes, cookies, pastries, brownies� they are all comfort foods to me. Treat yourself to something extravagant and delicious.

Light an Aromatherapy Candle and Play some Soft Music - Close your eyes and imagine whatever peaceful moments come to mind. Relax and think about your hopes and dreams for the not-so-distant future. (Be careful not to leave candles burning unattended).

Convince your Sweetheart to give you a Massage! - A simple back massage or foot massage has been known to greatly reduce stress and send the recipient into a super-relaxed state. Just don�t forget to return the favor when your sweetie is having a bad day!

Kick Back in Comfortable Clothes and Look through your Photo Albums - Memories of happy times can easily bring a smile to your face and take you back to days when the tides weren�t so turbulent� Plan a vacation or a get-together with friends for another photo-taking opportunity to add to your scrapbooks, and the simple act of having something to look forward to should significantly help you cope with your stress.

Start Keeping a Diary or a Journal, just for yourself! - Record your innermost thoughts and feelings, and vent out your angst of the day. It can be very effective to get your troubles off your chest and onto a sheet of paper, where they�ll stay for the rest of the night.

Immediate Results for Urgent Needs: Deep Breathing - Take deep breaths when you feel your stress levels begin to escalate. Start by counting to three inhaling and then to three while exhaling. Gradually increase it to five, six or seven as you try to calm yourself from the aggravating element.

Immediate Results for Urgent Needs: Stretching - Especially if you find yourself irritated at work, raise your arms above your head, arch your back and give it a good stretch. Get up from your desk and walk around-five minute breaks are definitely allowed when your sanity is at stake!

Immediate Results for Urgent Needs: Go Somewhere to Be Alone and Have a Good Cry or Confront the Source - I have been on the brink of tears while on the job, and sometimes the best solution to an overly stressful day is to lock yourself in a room (failing that, your car) and let loose. The relief and renewal experienced by letting out a couple of tears rejuvenates the body and the mind. Get mad, get upset, but get over it�cry in privacy or express yourself to the afflicting individual-chances are you will feel much better once you confront the agitating factor.

Do Something for YOU - Play an instrument, knit or crochet, work on a scrapbook or partake in another of your hobbies. Lose yourself in the moment and do not think about your stress until you must. Go to bed early with a light heart and dream of happy and carefree moments ahead.

Enjoy a cup of Herbal Tea and a few Cookies or a Good Book - Soothe yourself with a warm beverage and some sweets or get lost in some good reads. Reading can be a great escape from stress because it requires your mind to focus on something other than your own problems.

Order-Out! Indulge in some Comfort Foods or a cup of Hot Cocoa - Avoid making dinner or dessert for the night and call for a pizza, pick up some Chinese food or find a place that makes great seafood to go. Whatever your palate desires, treat yourself (and your family) to a night of take-out.

Try something like Yoga or Meditation to Relieve the Day�s Stressors - Beneficial results occur by relaxing the body through yoga exercises. Mental, physical and spiritual responses to yoga and meditations can very powerfully reduce stress�s effects on your mood and your body in general.

Break out of the Routine! - Do something unusual and avoid the stressors. Your laundry can wait another day or two, run the dishwasher tomorrow and just relax! Get together with a few friends and go on an adventure-leave the town you know and the buildings you inhabit day after day and take a hike, hit up the beach or go sailing on a beautiful body of water.

Spend Time with Loved Ones and Pets! - If they are the ones making you stressed out, you may think about some alone-time, but more times than not, there�s nothing quite like that unconditional love freely given by our furry friends who look to us for the same affection.

No matter what stressors affect you from day to day, it is important to try to combat them before they get out of hand. Job related stress could follow you home and may then have an effect not only on you and your body but on your family, too. Do what you can to reduce stress and ask those who are close to you for advice if you can�t find a reasonable alternative to the taxing feelings forced upon you by stress.
Remember: worrying does not get you anywhere - all it does is take up time. Get out there and do something about it!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Snapped The True Crime Show About Women


Posted by Hyman Weeks

I do not have a lot of time to watch television, but when I do; my favorite shows to watch are real shows. My favorite show is Snapped. Snapped is a show on Oxygen, channel 128, right after the international channels on direct tv. Sharon Martin, a veteran news reporter, hosts it. It is a very interesting show about females and their counterparts who kill their husbands.They even kill other females who get in their way. My husband has never done anything that has made me want to kill him. Sometimes these women just want the insurance money if their husbands have a big enough policy. Other times it is pure greed. One woman, was not getting along with her husband, killed him, and said he just got sick. She was slowly using arsenic to poison him. He would go in the hospital, get better, go home and get sick again. He eventually died and she acted the typical grieving widow, until he was buried. Then she started spending the insurance money. She bought a new house and new car even went on vacation. Investigators took notice, and his autopsy was inconclusive. Well they exhumed the body, did test on the remains and found the arsenic. The detectives started to dig deeper into the couple's private life, found out the wife was having an affair. Well that is where the greed got her. They did convict her and she is doing time. If you have never watched the show, you should it is great.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reading room


Guest post written by Stuart Wilson

After my son got married this summer, I finally decided that it was time to have him put his things from his childhood bedroom into storage and repurpose the room for my own benefits. I thought about making it an exercise, but I decided that moving up my exercise equipment from the basement just wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

So I settled on a reading room. I have bookshelves scattered throughout the house and didn’t really want to move all of them to one room, so I found some bookshelf wallpaper to give it that library feel without changing around the décor of the rest of my home.

I wanted the room to be really cozy so I picked out the perfect wallpaper, a comfy reading chair and had some EnergyStar Windows Sears installed. I think that it’s going to be perfect. I have the wallpaper on order and am picking out a few other pieces for it. However, I am putting some actual books in there. I found a great antique book case at a yard sale.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stressful week

It's been a week that am sooo stressed because of my blog. My lyresh fashion blog has been having a trouble lately and of course all because of me, stupid me.. All my contents were gone,the comments, and the theme :( ,but thank God I still have my theme file, so no worries about that. But all my old posts are gone, SIGH I don't freaking know what to do anymore. I've been trying to import them but it still doesn't work. Anyway I found my savior ate dauphine. I was soo delighted when she said, Sure i can host your blog(what a relief), She is the new host of my two blogs now, lyresh chiq && lyresh fashion. I am soo blessed I have a friend like her. She and her husband helped me a lot with my blogs. Thanks ate dauphine, you are the coolest ate I ever had here online.

Am trying to recover with my blogs now. It really did heat me when i lost everything there. But ohh well, nothing i can do now i guess unless ate dauphine's husband will help me. Anywayz, am so excited for my 2nd theme that i've purchased.
Hoping it'll be done pretty soon. I sure will let you guys see it uhuh..

Thanks to my Lil sister JL,for helping me fix the problems with my blog. Lurve you2x bunches. Keep up the good work lil JL. Ate's soo proud of yah.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

eye lashes tips


The eyelashes are not just strands of hair that rim our eyelids. They are gifts that Mother Nature gave us to protect and shield our eyes from dust and other foreign bodies. And because we communicate a lot with our eyes, our eyelashes help us put color and meaning to our words with the way we flutter and bat our eyelashes.

It would be infinitely nicer and infinitely more effective, though, if the lashes that we bat and flutter look long, thick and immaculate. We do not have to be born with long and thick eyelashes to be able to have seductive-looking eyes, though. After all, what is makeup for? All it takes is the touch of the magical mascara wand.

Mascara does magic for our lashes as long as it is correctly applied, in such a way that there are no globs of the stuff clinging to our lashes and that each strand is separated from the other. Nothing ruins the effect of mascara than globs and lash strands clumped together.

To avoid dried globs and clumping strands, apply the mascara to the base of the lashes with the mascara wand and then give the wand a wiggle. Afterwards, carefully brush the mascara to the ends of the lashes with the use of a lash comb. Or if you do not want to use a lash comb, just wipe the excess mascara from your wand with a piece of tissue before touching it to your lashes.

Another thing that makes mascara look ugly is if it smudges. Sometimes, the smudge happens because the eye cream or the concealer used is oil-based and still wet. You can prevent the smudging by applying powder first onto your lower eyelids before putting on the mascara. Also, try not to blink while putting the mascara on, or else it will definitely stick to your eyelids rather than to your lashes.

Sometimes, a second coat of mascara makes the lashes look thicker. But if you are thinking of applying a second coat, better do it before the first coat dries, or else you will only end up clumping the lashes. Also, do use your lash curlers before putting on your mascara, not after. Lash curlers work more effectively if preheated prior to the curling. Be careful not to heat your curlers too much, though, or else you will singe your eyes.

When applying mascara, we tend to miss the lashes at the corners of our eyes. To make sure that you have your lashes fully covered, it is best that you use a mascara wand that is short and thin. Short and wands let you reach those corner lashes; it also gives you extra control in handling it.

The best mascara results come from using clean wands, so keep your wands clean at all times. Put some makeup remover on your mascara wand to wash off the dried mascara, and then clean it with soap and water. Let the wand dry first before replacing it with your other makeup tools. A clean and dry wand not only maximizes the application and appearance of mascara on the eyes, but also prevents the eyes from getting irritated.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Move to a New City


Moving to a new city was a fun experience overall, but it certainly took work. I managed somehow to do all the packing myself, while my husband worked out his two week notice at his job. With the help of some friends, we got everything loaded into two cars, and down the road we went to the warmer, sunnier climate of Myrtle Beach, Sc.

Somehow we got there a day ahead of our furniture, and ended up sleeping on the floor, however, we had signed up for all of our utilities, and our ADT home security service ahead of time to learn more about how we did it click HERE, so at least those things were in place when we arrived. The next day we went exploring, after a fashion. We located things like the grocery store, and the nearest pharmacy and post office.

Waking up each day was a little disorienting, since we had lived in our last home for twelve years, but I was surprised at how fast we adjusted to our new surroundings. My husband was comfortable driving in our new city almost immediately. It took me a little bit longer, but now l end up giving directions to vacationers as if l had lived here my entire life. I take that as a really good sign, considering the fact that I’m usually terrible at giving directions. Overall, I’d have to say that moving to our new city was definitely an interesting experience.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Houston auto repair

Are you looking for affordable repair shop if so no worries now because Houston auto repair is here if you live in Houston, Repair pal allows you to search specifically for the service you need. It also provides a range. RepairPal is also provides advice as to when to perform repairs. Specially for oil change and tune up thats the very important to maintain our car. even lists all auto repair types so you can easily choose the repair that you need. Their list includes Scheduled Maintenance, And you might also want to check out the Acura Integra, it’s ratings and reviews, it’s common problems, and basically all about it.

At Repair Pal, you get an estimate, Find a repair shop, get car info, and track your service. This sounds like a great idea to everybody. so what you waiting for go chem them out for more information that you needed.
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Repair Pal

Repair Pal is a great site to find repair estimates for all your auto needs! Repair Pal helps you to determine if the estimated price you are receiving for your auto repair is a fair deal or overly priced! They let you know what to expect and what to look out for when you have the service or repair performed. So now you will know if you're over paying for that water pump at that "other place". Don't get caught paying too much for your auto repair again with Repair Pal!

Another cool feature with Repair Pal is they send a printable version of your Repair Price Estimate directly to your email! Which is very helpful when you're out and about price hunting! With your estimate saved for you in your email, you can quickly keep track of all your estimates!

The site also has a shop directory where you can search via zip code or store name. This is very helpful when looking for a repair shop that is near by your home. So if you live in the Chicago area, you can search for Chicago auto repair! Makes things much more convenient in my opinion, plus it's super simple to use! You're also able to store all of your information on a special page just for info on your vehicle called My Car! So you can keep track of that Toyota corolla of yours much easier now!This helps keep all your service information organized and easy to come back in the future if needed! Also, don't forget to check out their RSS feed with all the latest recalls, technical service bulletins, reviews and questions about your car --all for free!
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